Gavin's musings

The challenges of a photo shoot

Sometimes it is tough to get the photos you like. Although sometimes it feels tough to me too, I can't say I have anything like the challenges that Corey Rich is facing in the shot below.

This week I shot my second pageant. New setups, low light challenges, and very eager customers. Weirdly enough, these things inspire me. If I look back on the activities I have taken up, I think I must have an element of being an adrenalin junkie. 

How many of you see patterns in your lives?

Thing is, I get so much satisfaction when I see my photographs putting a smile on the recipients face that it is well worth putting in what is necessary to hit that jackpot.

I like to check out the venue, plan what equipment I will use (and how), to get the shots that I believe will really have a wow factor. Doing all the preparations gives me confidence, and many planned options so that I can deal with whatever unexpected situations that arise.

I think it shows in the results!

Photographer Corey Rich stands above climber Alex Honnold. (Via Imgur.)