Gavin's musings

The A R G U S

Time marches on, we have got to March already . . . and there are many extra people in Cape Town at the moment, a lot of them for the Argus cycle race.  The winners have completed in 2 hours 35 minutes, over a course of 109 kilometers!  Although today was great conditions - no wind and no rain - the terrain is tough, with many ups and downs for the more than 35,000 cyclists.

The event brings over 80,000 people to Cape Town.

So, what a great time to have a re-union, and that is exactly what a bunch of us from one of my previous employers did.  Some of the attendees (Richard and Maggie Chalmers and Andrew Morris) took the opportunity to do the cycle tour too.

I have to say, living in Cape Town is fantastic!