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So, am I alone?


I have steered away from the accolade pages, I always feel that so much of todays world is smoke and mirrors, what is there to prevent an eager sales oriented person from exaggerating to the point of fantasy?

However, I guess on the other hand, in this day of online life, we all look at reviews and evidence from other humans that we are on to the best option in our daily quests, so, perhaps I should concede and post some accolade comments.

I was particularly happy to receive the following from one of my most recent brides, and I guess that did stir up a little of a back peddle on my behalf - what do think, should we or should we not?

And - Hil says:

IT HAS ARRIVED!!! You did a wonderful job Gavin. Thank you SO much. I am delighted and love the way you have laid it out with small pics together with the big ones. The one photo you have taken of me is perhaps the most flattering picture I have ever seen of myself. There are many special ones, like the laughing one as we exchanged rings and . . .