Gavin's musings

Sell up in May and go away . . . .

"Not another [expletive] bus" she remonstrated as she scooped caviar out of the tin, with a gnarled and stained finger, shoving it into her mouth.  And, that was just the begining!

She was traveling with her husband and son, some time later, after both had tried to coax her to a modicum of socially acceptable behavior, the son, recognizing failure, finally leapt up, and loudly proclaimed that they would travel by taxi.

The whole bus seemed to release a thankful sigh, and once they had departed, the tittering and gossiping began.

This was our experience as we left Florence, when the airplane we were supposed to leave on, had not been able to make the landing, having been diverted to Pizza, and consequently we were to be bussed there for the journey back to London.

Just in case you are wondering what all this is about, it is a snippet of the experiences we have had over the last month while traveling in Europe.  The whole process had more than a normal share f traveling hiccups, the one above being probably the worst!

I was able to complete a couple of photographic projects, the images of some are on the site, and I guess a few more will probably come along in due course.  One of these projects is an on-going quest to collect photos of bridges.  Albert bridge is below, one of only two across the Thames to have not been replaced, and lit by 4000 lights at the moment, it made a striking subject.

Another project was to capture the Tuscan countryside, I will add some views of that in future posts.

All I can say is - it is really good to be back in Cape Town!