Gavin's musings

On-line duh

So, what is it that has changed in my life to make being on line such a necessity?

I guess most things we do these days requires connectivity whether it is emails, Netflix or just being a photographer!

This weekend was no different, I had a bunch of things I wanted to do, and pretty much all of them required that I do some part on the internet.

By the way - don't you just so not enjoy the password game?

Most of my income comes from a job in the tech sector, IT, to be specific, so you think I would be "signed up" to the password game - well score zero, zip nada!  I must have 128 different passwords and all but three of them are pretty harmless.  I would not really want to give the details out in public, but, if they were, it would not be a serious pain.  However, each of them has to have their own password, and of course, we are well tutored to not use the same password - I mean that would be silly!

And each system has to make sure that they are secure right.  That means that the password musty be strong (why on earth strong?) which means it will have to be twice as long as I can easily remember, what is more, it must have caps, lower case, numbers letters AND special characters - whew, so now it is something that is absolutely guaranteed to be non-intuitive!  But folks, not only that!  In addition, it must be changed, not once in a blue moon, but regularly, forced on you by well wishing trolls under the bridges of cyber highways that pop up and tell you CHANGE NOW or never get in again, right now, when you are rushing to get things done, have no inspiration and cannot quickly make a note.  AND just ion case that is too easy, if it vaguely resembles a password you have had in any system since birth, it will be summarily rejected without so much as a hint as to why!

Because this is the life we all lead, I have of course forgotten the password I need to set up LightRooom on my new iPad, and although you would think that is a minor obstacle, my telecom non-service provider together with cunning DNS fairies and yet another password and 256 byte username that I have never needed before have conspired to prevent me doing a single thing all weekend!

Its wine & seafood for me - what else would do . . .