Gavin's musings

Christmas time . . . .

One of the great things Mandela did was to get us all out there doing something for the society in which we live.

One of my ways of giving is to do the photographic shoot for a great institution that has helped many people who have really needed help, and who have often paid society back in massive ways.

That institution is Christine Revell Children's Home.

In fact it is catchy, because my sister in law has also overseen the making and delivering of a bunch of crochet blankets for the kids!

Well, this week was the annual Christmas party, and hot off the press here are some pics:

CRCH has a wonderful group of people associated with it, and as always in life, it is the people that will draw you in.  This is really comforting, when you consider that they are the only family that many of these orphans will remember.

If you feel that you can contribute to their future, you can pop though to the CRCH web site ( and make contact with them directly.

All that is left, is to wish you a very blessed Christmas with your family and friends, take care, drive carefully and make the most of the important people in your life.