Gavin's musings

Family do

I don't do many shoots where the brief is simply "record my family".

Usually, there is an event involved, mostly a wedding or occasionally a birthday even a reunion!

This week, I got invited to shoot a family.

This all got me thinking, what a wonderful thing families are, how much we depend on each other, and care about each other, even when we are nit on the best terms.  It is a real privilege to be part of recording the precious moments, and during the day I had any thoughts on how and when this group of diverse and close-knit people would pull out the images and remember that this was them at an instant.


These two girls are cousins and they embody the spirit and future of their family - while I shot the adults, their gran read them stories and acted out all the ups and downs, when they got bored, they climbed and ran and did all that we love about our children.

They found me, a strange out of place "oomie", a curiosity piece, but I guess they will not even remember me in 5 or 10 years, I hope that they will still pull out these images and remember their childhood, there grandparents and their close-knit family!

What a privilege!