Gavin Berry

Photography . . . 

I started dabbling in photography many years ago, first with black and white film, and eventually some colour.  I preferred the black and white in those days simply because processing colour in a darkroom meant no safe light, and that was working in the dark!

I have been entering competitions from a young age, and even won overseas!

I am a gregarious person, and my best work is in capturing people and their stories.  My favourite is events, particularly weddings.  I began shooting weddings some 20 years ago, and I am still loving each one.

What else . . .

I am a family man, with a long suffering wife, and three children.

I grew up in a boating family, and currently own a 34 foot sailing boat, berthed in Cape Town.  My family have inherited the love, and we have had a number of great times sailing here and abroad - Greek Islands is a unanimous best!